Monday, July 23, 2012

Visting Jersey

I was looking at other peoples' blogs and whining to myself that they never update their blogs...only to realize that I haven't updated mine in two months...OOPS!

My family always goes down to the Jersey shore around the 4th of July to enjoy the sun, surf, and boardwalk goodness. This year was even better for multiple reasons:

1. Picked the world's best blueberries...Mmmm!

The family rule it that they weigh the blueberries in your bucket at the end...not you. :)

2. My sister-in-laws threw me a surprise bridal shower. My friend invited me to go out to dinner and part way through, she had an emergency and had to take me home. When we got there, 20 people were there to give me all kinds of good presents. And my mom, being her awesome self, hand decorated wedding cake shaped cookies.

And this is one of the "not perfect" ones. The best ones even had little icing piping on the edges of the top two tiers.

Everyone really enjoyed the yummy cake my mom bought...especially the icing.

3. We went over to the Reading Market in Philadelphia, where you can buy just about anything food related (the Amish sell the best hot apple dumplings with heavy cream).

Why yes that is a set of chocolate lungs!

Debated for about 5 minutes on whether or not to get these for Cory.

4. Cory finally arrived on Monday and everything was just better after that. :)

5. We ate all the delicious evil food we could get our hands on (cheese steaks, funnel cake, Manco & Manco pizza, Rita's water ice, frozen custard, salt water taffy, fudge, Wawa hoagies). And we ended the week on a high note with Friendly's ice cream.

                                                               Good trip!!!

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