Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Engagement Story (Plans A and B)

Cory had told me that he had to work Saturday morning, going in at 6 AM, so we called it an early night on Friday. I was actually happy about this because I had a little cold and was really looking forward to sleeping in and then getting some things done while Cory was at work. WRONG!!!

6 AM: my doorbell is ringing. Cory knows that I'm not a morning person and that I would never hear the doorbell, so he had set it up for my roommate to come wake me up. Carlee came in to wake me up, saying something about being scared to answer the door in the dark by herself. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am not a happy person first thing in the morning and I hadn't sleep well the night before because of my stuffy nose. As I started to walk down the stairs to answer the door, I said that I was going to kill whoever was ringing the door. I even had the thought that if it was Cory with a ring, I would probably say no.

When I opened the door, Cory's roommate Mike was standing on my doorstep with flowers (the thought process to figure that fact out took several seconds). Mike said, "You wanna dump your boyfriend and go on a date with me?" I was not amused. Mike (who had been warned about my morning personality) decided to go for the direct route and handed me the flowers. There was a card attached: "Good morning Sweetheart! You have one hour to get ready for a day you won't soon forget! I love you, Cory."

I am sorry to say, but my first reaction was to yell "Are you kidding me?!?" at Mike. He backed away slowly and said to not kill the messenger. I turned on Carlee with about the same attitude. But of course she just smiled, told me to get ready, and went back to bed. I REALLY wanted to go back to bed. I even called and kind of yelled at Cory, just to make sure that this wasn't some kind of bad joke. He told me to get ready and that he'd see me in an hour.

So I got showered and ready. It's really weird trying to get dressed when you know you're going to get proposed to; what on earth do you where? I was ready by 7 and waiting for Cory. When he showed up, he was dressed in his nice new suit and looking very handsome. Then much to my surprise, he started apologizing. Turns out that Cory had this whole plan of taking me up in a hot-air balloon (planned for over a month) and at the last minute the balloon guy had to cancel due to wind. To say Cory was crushed is an understatement.

Since we were both up, we decided to make the best of it and get some breakfast. And Cory wanted to get away from his failure, so we drove up to Park City, mostly just to do something. By the time we were done with breakfast and driving back, we were both tired. Cory was so tired that I had to drive us back through the canyon. We both went home to take naps (and so Cory could try to figure out plan B).

As part of the day, Cory had set up a massage for me (I had had a REALLY stressful week). Right before I left for my massage, he told me to have a shirt to wear to dinner. My massage was perfect and they even set it up so I got my make-up done by one of the stylists. Not to brag...but I looked HOT!!! :)

When I got to Cory's, he was dressed up in his suit again. He would not tell me where we were going, except it was going to take us almost an hour to get there. He wouldn't even let me see the GPS on his phone. We ended going out to dinner at La Caille, which is an uber-fancy French restaurant in Sandy. The whole place looks like a French chateau and the waiters and waitresses are dressed up like 18th century French servants. There are even peacocks roaming the grounds.

The food was AMAZING, especially considering that neither Cory nor I are really big on French food. Finally over dessert, he got out the ring box and asked me to marry him. Since I knew for a while that he was ring shopping and planning, I wasn't surprised and didn't get that emotional. But then the waitress noticed what had just happened and got all excited and asked to see my ring. As other people in the restaurant got excited for me, I started to get really excited to. Especially when I got a better look at the ring. It is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

And then my favorite part: I got fireworks (kind of). The waitresses decided that we needed to have some celebration. They brought over a cute pastry with what looked like a silver medal candle sticking out the top. When she lit it, sparks and fireworky things started shooting out the top, almost a foot straight up. It was so cool. So I guess you could call it a good day. :)


Liz Grajeda said...

Thanks for sharing! Wonderful!

Carters said...

Love it! I was laughing at the morning grumpiness. 6am is early. Especially on a Sat. And after a long week. :) So happy for you!

Rachel said...

WAHOO! I am so excited for you! We need pictures of your ring!

That's super funny Mike was warned of your morning "spirit." Now that I think about it, you're not much of a morning person, are you? ;) It's okay, neither am I. At least your soon-to-be-hubby knows beforehand. I think my morning grumpies took David by surprise. He just leaves me alone now. At the beginning of our marriage he would wake me to tell me goodbye....he hasn't done that for years now. I don't blame him.

Again, I'm so excited and happy for you!!!!!