Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh yeah...and that time I got married...

Been married almost 2 whole months...figured it was time to blog about it :)

Favorite bridal picture

 Coming out of the temple

Yes we are that adorable couple

It was very sunny that day...lots of squinting

All our people...yeah...we requested the big room

My family 

Awesome divas!!!

Cory's boys

My personal hottie 

My BIG gorgeous ring...Cory did good!

We can't remember what we were talking about, but we air-quote together

My brothers
 (who couldn't understand why I wanted a picture of all of us together)


All my ladies

We don't cut cake like normal people...we destroy it!

CS Lewis Academy crew

All the single ladies

Cory really liked getting the garter... he got a prize

These were (seriously) the only single guys at the reception

First dance

I had to include this one...
I've never seen my parents dance together :)

Thanks to everyone who helped, who came, who sent presents, who made it the most perfect wedding day ever!

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Rachel said...

So happy! I love all the pictures! You are a beautiful, beautiful bride! I hope married life is treating you well! :)