Thursday, November 11, 2010


I foolishly thought that having a movie party as a reward was a great idea. (Insert evil laugh directed at me.) The kids were all excited about, been talking about it for days, did all their work so they wouldn't lose said party. And several students claimed their moms "wanted to bring in a treat," which translate to "I volunteered my mom with her knowledge." One little girl had been saying from day 1 that her mom was going to bring in popcorn. Reminded me everyday and got notes so mom would know what time.

Now back me up on this...when someone says their bringing popcorn for your movie party, big bag of popcorn, already popped...

Yeah...not so much.

The woman, who can 35 minutes late, brought 4 boxes of unpopped popcorn. And then ask, " you need help popping that?"

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