Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Life May Be Pathetic...

-If you get way over-excited about using the vacuum-sucker-tube bank system for the first time.

-When your 8 year old students start pointing out your zits, asking "Why do you have a big red bump on your face?"

-If the teenage clerk at Bed, Bath, & Beyond calls you "Ma'am."

-You go to a wedding reception of a person you used to baby-sit, before you're married.

-You show up a day early for said reception.

-If you get upset when you lose to chance to win a toy AFLAC duck.

-When you know only about 5 people are even going to read this. :)


Alison said...

Wow. A day early, huh?

At least your sense of humor is still intact!

Alison said...

ps. I still get upset when people call me ma'am, even though I am old and I know they are trying to be nice. They probably think they are being so polite, and it totally ruins my day!

grandma1 said...

Your not pathetic!! Hope the reception was better on Saturday. Love ya.