Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Christmas Time

I think I've just been through the craziest week of my life. My students were beyond insane this whole week, but that's to be expected. The fun really started on Thursday when we had our school "Let It Snow" musical program. We were in charge of teaching our own classes the songs and actions. The second grade got to do "I'm Getting Nothing For Christmas" and the "Chipmunk Christmas Song." Teaching the kids to sing a song is one thing, but getting 47 eight eight-year-olds to do actions at the same time is a different story. I learn all the action backwards so I could mirror them. So for the show, which was packed with family, friends, and random old people, I got to sit in front and do the actions with them. The absolute best part was during the first part of the Chipmunk song, the kids were supposed to sway. Right, left, right, left, stop. That was all. Getting 47 kids to sway at the same time...entertaining, to say the least. Two kids came within 2 inches of cracking their skulls together and one other almost fell over because they were swaying so big.

If that wasn't fun enough, Friday was, and I quote, "the best day of school ever!!!" Our school did a canned food drive and my class collected the most so we got to have a hot chocolate party, which turned out to mean that I got cups and hot chocolate mix and was on my own. The kids loved the whole thing. Then in the afternoon we had our class party which was crazy. The kids flew through all the games and crafts in twenty minutes, but it all worked out pretty good. I should have know something was going to go bad. It was too easy.

I survived the insanity of the last day because I just kept telling myself that I was flying home in less then 24 hours. So last night I packed and cleaned and got everything ready to go. Got up this morning at 6:30 so I could get to the airport in plenty of time for my 10:15 flight. We pulled up in front of the Sky Cap and there was no line. I was like "Wow, the airport gods are smiling on me." WRONG!!! When the guy asked where I was flying to and I said Philadelphia, he said, "No your not." Everything from Connecticut to Virginia is buried under a huge snow storm. They weren't even delaying the flights, they just full-on canceled everything.
When I tried to call Delta, they were so busy that you didn't even get to sit on hold. So I called my roommate Abby, who had driven me, and told her to circle back around and park. Then she was nice enough to come in and wait in line with me for about two hours to get on another flight. At least it was entertaining watching what different people wear to fly. We saw everything from the pink crushed velvet track suit to the lady wearing silettos and a full-length fur coat. And plus, we saw the best mullet of our lives and we never did figure our if it was a guy or girl. :)

The whole time we were standing in line, I kept reminding myself to have a positive attitude and not yell at anybody. It wasn't there fault I was stuck. This turned out to be what saved me. When it was finally my turn, I was as pleseant as can be and the ticket agent did everything she could. She worked for about 10 minutes to get me the first seat possible. While she was working, a guy came up behind me and was yelling about how the airline had screwed up and he needed to go in 30 minutes. Because of his crappy attitude, nobody wanted to help him. Lesson learned: a smile and a happy attitude will get you a long way.

So now I'm still in Utah, but I have a flight out Sunday night/Monday morning at 12:55 and I'll get to Philadelphia around 10:30 on Monday. Yes, it's annoying and it messes up my plans, but I'll still get home and before Christmas, so it's all good.

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