Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm a Survivor

I lived through the first round of this years parent-teacher conferences. Wow, they really went all out this year. I always am really nervous because there are always parents who question me because of my age. It doesn't help that they all seem to think that I'm only about 20. Then I had to explain to three parents why their children were failing math. They never turned in any homework (ever), and even though I send home progress reports every other week, this somehow came as a huge shock. And of course it was somehow my fault. :)

I think the worst one was a parent who I never have had a good experience with. She came in with both guns loaded, ready to protect her child from anything negative I was going to tell her. And then for the next hour she told me every negative thing that has happened in her life and her child's life, 1% of which would have any effect on her schooling. I do want to know and understand my students, but I do not need to know about all the messy details. BWHAAAA!!!


Alison said...

Ah, yes. Parent-teacher conferences. Try an IEP. Those are usually fraught with tears and yelling!

Cindy said...

Yeah, the scary one was a parent teacher conference with an IEP (and this would be my 5th IEP). They wanted to get both done because the mom can never make it in.

kp said...

Geez, those parents sound worse than have to deal with some doctors! Thanks for getting me another hit. I knew my people would come through!