Monday, July 27, 2009

I love people watching

Saturday was the bestest day ever for people watching. First Abby and I went to Seven Peaks for our weekly dose of sun and fun. I don't know what it is but when people go to the pool with a bunch of their friends, they forget that the rest of the world can still see them. Last week we saw the first Speedo of the season. Wow, words can not explain.

So we figured it was going to be tough for the pool to top that one. Never...ever...doubt the power of boys being stupid at the pool. We had two separate, but equally awesome sighting, but didn't get pictures of either (dang it). The first was the steroid triplets. These guys were there to be seen. I don't think they ever touched the water. What is with guys who think they need to be that bulky. The one guy could wear a C-cup!

Then came the big group. It was 5 guys with a few girls, so obviously they were trying to look really cool. And, oh, did they achieve their goal. Instead of swim trunks, they all opted for home-made, cut-off, denim shorts. Each had varying lengths. One had knee length, which is acceptable, but then each got shorter and SHORTER. One guy was basically wearing Daisy Duke's. And he did not have the body to pull it off. A fashion tip for the gentlemen: It's never a good thing if your shorts are shorter than the girl standing next to you.

As if the pool wasn't good enough, we also hit up the Spanish Fork Rodeo that night. The word "awesome" falls short of describing the fun, food, and people. Of course there were cowboys by the dozen and there were some FINE lookin' men in Stetsons. There was a cool old man wearing the cover-alls, the cute little boys in cowboy attire, and the prissy girl wearing high-heeled, pink Converse shoes. And let us not forget the hillbilly couple wearing their matching black wife-beaters. AMAZING!!!

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