Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aunt Cindy Day

Now that my New Jersey nieces and nephew are getting older, I've started a tradition of just us spending a day together. I give their parents a break for several hours and when I return the kids, they're usually passed out, which equals NAP TIME. :)
This year I took Isabel, Cecily, and Bentley to the aquarium in Camden. This aquarium is officially cool. Not only did they have escalators, which Bentley very proudly rode by himself 7 times, they've got lots of fun things to see. They've got hippos.

They make you feel like royalty.

They have a walk-through, shark-infested tube. (I said to look scared, so Bentley ran away.)

You can even have three children eaten by a giant foam shark.

They've even got sea turtles, and these ones were, as Bentley said, "gianamic."

But I thought this one, and his friends were much better. Except maybe not the scary last one.
They hooked you up with cool shades to see "SpongeBob SquarePants in 4-D!"
And plus, you get tons of cute pictures.
After the aquarium we went out to lunch at Friendly's, which is a favorite of both mine and the kids. If you don't know what it is, you should, and I feel a little sad for you. Then, since the kids had been so good, I wanted to reward them. So we stopped by Five Below, which is an upscaled version of a dollar store (everything is $5 or below, hence the name). Everyone found exactly what they wanted, eventually, but Bentley found the coolest sunglasses ever along the way. Elton John, eat your heart out.

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