Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So Abby and I are notorious FHE gypsies. We float around within the groups in our singles ward, but we do always have a friend in the group who invites us. Last night was FHE at the bishop's and councilors' houses. We ended up going with our friend (and my former roommate) Allison, mostly because she agrees to pick us up. On the way there, we played the loudest game of Catch Phrase ever (cookie...cookie...COOKIE!!!).

Allison's group and another group were going to the Anderson's to help them clean their house, which they are fixing up to sell. They were prepare for us: there was a job chart, buckets of soapy water in every room, and enough rags to cover the floor. After an awesome lesson on hope, the mass cleaning started. Since we were the second ones to arrive, we got our pick of jobs. Abby and Allison took baseboards (I don't know why) and I got to take of every light switch cover in the house (I got to use a tool).

When you have that many people (around 20) in a townhouse, funny things just happen. They are even funnier when people are cleaning, for some reason. There were flying rags, a few minor collisions, and a little bit of dancing. And as people started finishing their jobs, there was more fun to be had. The Anderson's were prepare with drinks, brownies, ice cream, and games set up out back. I played Badminton for the first time in my life. I kind of sucked at it when we started, but it didn't matter because we played Ultimate Badminton, where you just keep whacking the shuttlecock (I was told that's what it's called) back and forth.

I also discovered that I can NOT tie a cherry stem in a knot. I tried for the first time ever last night (I don't like cherries) and I failed miserably, in front of an audience no less. And it didn't help that my friends were saying that this means I'm a sloppy kisser.

A few of us ended up stickin around and just chatting with the Andersons for a little while. They are a really cool couple that aren't much older then the rest of us, so we can all relate. We didn't realize how long we were talking and didn't leave until close to 10. We were just having too much fun.

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Allison Murray said...

AH HAHAHA! That was the best game of catch phrase I have EVER played! and the baseboards were pretty easy and we got to bug the people who were washing the walls! maybe i should post about how i tied a cherry stem in a knot on my first try! ;)