Thursday, May 16, 2013

Famous Last Word

I really did bring this on myself...

Just the other day on our class field trip, I was talking with some of the parents from my class and joking about students and the crazy things kids do. After telling a few of my favorites, I told the parents that since I've been at the same school, teaching the same grade, for so long "that it takes a lot to surprise or shock me these days."

Should have known better!

 (A little background is needed for this next part. At my school, we teach ability math, where students are taught math not based on their grade level, but their individual math level. My math class is made up of 6 kids from my regular class, 6 other second graders, and 8 first graders.)   

The VERY NEXT DAY is was in my classroom teaching math. As the students were working, I was walking around the room, checking their work. On one lap, I notice something on the floor next to a student's feet. I discretely picked it up, only to discover that it was 


Words can not even begin to describe the thoughts flying through my brain. And the best part is...the said undies were never claimed.

Open mouth, insert foot...I can still be very much surprised!

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