Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Need to Get on This

My class does Show & Tell every Friday and I decided to do one myself. After the students' standard questions (where did you get it? when did you get it?), their favorite question came up again:

How old are you?

When I answered (for the 20th time this year) that I'm 27, the same evil child as before calls out:

And you're STILL not married?

When I said no, I hear:

Are you even trying to find a husband?

I decided to be the adult and just ignore it, and tried to move on. As I crossed the room, one of my little girls (who must have an aunt in this situation) "whispered" to the evil child:

You're not supposed to ask them about stuff like that! That don't like to talk about it!

I have 2nd graders pitying me...kill me now.

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