Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Big Confidence Boast

(Sorry to those of you who already heard this story)

Last week, I was having one of those "fun" days. Had a cold, students are nuts, etc. Then one of my students decided to make my day even better. Enjoy the following conversation:

Student 1: "Miss Bramhall, do you have any kids?"

Me: "Nope."

Student 2: "Are you even MARRIED?" (said with some shock and disbelief)
Me: "No."

Student 3: "How old ARE you?!?!?"

Me: "26."

Student 3: "You're 26 and NOT MARRIED?" (pause for look of total shock) "If your 26 and not married, you like NEVER going to get married!!!"

Me: "Thanks."

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