Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Roots May Be Brown...

...but I have got to be a true blond. I had one of those moments that have to be straight out of a dumb blond joke book. Almost three weeks ago I got all my tax stuff ready and mailed it in. I even put extra postage on the one that I was worried was too thick. I went off on Spring Break feeling great about getting everything done ahead of time. I got back this week and got back to regular life. This morning, I grabbed my check-book to get books from our schools book order. I opened it up to write my check and there was my check for my state taxes!!! Keep in mind today is April 14th.

The words "dumb blond" can't even begin to explain how stupid I felt.

And not to worry; I took the check to the tax office and they said it happens every year.

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John said...

Don't worry Cindy, we can still be friends.