Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yes, I am awesome

My boss told me so: I officially rock. This last week at school, I had heard rumors about we were going to have observations in our classrooms. I hadn't heard anything official, so I was going to plead ignorance for not signing up. Big mistake. When you don't sign up, your principal will happily oblige with a "pop-in" observation. And of course it's on the day when you want to kill a student or two. :)

Lucky for me, two miracles happened: a) I had an great lesson planned for that time anyway, and b) second graders still get freaked out if the principal walks in a room and therefor behaved a little bit better. So he watched and took notes while I taught my class about centimeters. I guess I've finally been a teacher long enough that this doesn't phase me. The only time I really remembered he was there was when one of students wanted to measure the principals shoes for our practice with rulers.Then after about thirty minutes he left.

Yesterday, after school, he reminded us that if we had been observed, we had to met with him. You go over your evaluation and talk about good stuff you did and things you need to work on. He got busy after that, so I went back to my room to work on stuff and figured he'd catch me next week. Later, my boss realized I was still there, so he came and went over everything in my class. Turns out, I am an AMAZING teacher, in case you didn't already know. I know it sounds like I'm bragging (which was not my intention), but it's just really nice to hear that you're really good at your job. Especially at then end of a difficult week.

So now I basically have a certificate that says, Yes, you are awesome.

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Alison said...

Well, you are an amazing Aunt and my kids adore you so it stands to reason you'd be an amazing teacher, too.

That is always a nice affirmation, though. Good job!