Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stripper Names

The other night my roommate, Abby, and I were just sitting around when I came across something absolutely fabulous on Facebook: "What Would Your Stripper Name Be?" After much squealing laughter, we had to try it, of course. Abby went first and got the fabulous name of "Bambi." Pretty appropriate considering her love of all things Disney. Then I took the quiz and got the best stripper name ever: "Peaches." (And it must be said with a southern accent to get the full effect. After you do one of these quizzes, it asks you if you want to publish the results where all your friends can see, and comment, on it. I did actually stop and think for a second about who might see this: family, co-workers, parents of my students. But, hey, you only get to be young and stupid once. So I published it and didn't really think about it again, until Sunday.
I sat down in Relief Society with my friend Angie and we visited for a few minutes. Just before the meeting was about to start, I hear behind me, "Hey Peaches!" In all honestly I had to think about this for a second because there used to be a girl in our RS named Peachie. Then suddenly it clicked. I turned around to see Naseem, my former visiting teacher, grinning from ear to ear. We got laughing about it and I had to explain to a couple girls sitting around us after RS was over because the Bishop's second counselor was sitting behind Naseem. But the best part is that I got everyone to take the quiz too. We now have Peaches, Bambi, Bubbles, and Candy. And we greet each other as such. Although I am the only one dumb enough to post it (twice now). :)

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Alison said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! I LOVE them for feeling like I'm keeping in touch with people. You should post lots of pics from your cruise!