Thursday, February 2, 2012

Creepers in the Night

This story happened a few months ago but it's just too awesome not to tell...enjoy...

It's a well know fact in my house that I have what is called "the pharmacy" in my bathroom. One whole (big) drawer of my sink is full of stuff for when you're sick (cold medicine, cough drops, Tylenol, thermometer, etc). This comes from being a teacher of snotty-nosed children that sneeze on you all day: I get sick fairly regularly. Everyone makes fun of the pharmacy...until they need it.

Carlee, my cool, former-beauty-queen roommate was not feeling so good one night. In her own words, her "insides wanted to be on her outsides." After suffering through most of the night, she thought that maybe some drugs might help and figured that her hypochondriac roommate (ME) would probably have the right ones.

However, by this point it was about 3 AM.

Now I need to back up a bit to help set the scene just a little bit better. When I went up to bed around 11 PM, I could see Carlee's door open and her reading light, which gives off an eerie blue/white light, was on. I figured she was reading or had fallen asleep with the light still on. I thought nothing of it, closed my door and went to bed.

Back to 3 AM...

I wake up in my dark room and can't figure out what woke me up. While trying to sort things out in my half-asleep brain, I notice that my door is open.

Another needed point...I never, EVER sleep with my door open, for three reasons:
1. To keep out unwanted light and noise.
2. If you grow up with brothers, a locked door is your only shoot at keeping them from torturing you.
3. I was very of my bedroom in the dark as a child and keeping the door shut was one way to keep Mr. Boogedy (childhood terror from a frickin Disney movie) from getting me.

So noticing the open door, I also notice a light coming from down the hall. I got up to investigate and saw that it was Carlee's reading light still shining. I was just making up my mind if I should see if she was okay (or turn her light off for her) when it happened.

From the dark bathroom behind me, I hear in the creepiest, whispery, sickly little girl voice, "...Cindy?"

My ninja-jumping-spin-preparing-for-battle-but also-hanging-onto-the-doorframe-for-dear-life move was quite impressive.

Carlee had decided it would be better to not wake me and just "quietly" go through my medicine drawer.


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