Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Have a Truly Crap-tacular Day

1. Run late getting ready in the morning.

2. Have car frozen shut, to the point of pulling on the door 3 times to get it to open.

3. While scraping the frozen windows, have the windshield wiper smack you.

4. Drive a mile and a half before realizing that the headlights are off.

5. Have two granny-slow driver on the road, doing 15 under the limit side-by-side.

6. Work computer being slower than a turtle running uphill in molasses.

7. Just when you feel like you can handle the rest of the day, kill the power to the entire school/ town.

8. Try teaching in the dark, but then the power coming back on 50 minutes before you would have been sent home early.

9. Then find out that the other schools went home early and you didn't.

10. Don't get to eat lunch because you have recess duty.

11. Deal with people in Walmart after school.

12. Stupid boy has to work late tonight.

Should have just stayed in bed this morning.

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